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We develop World-Class technologies working directly with industry leading Engineers, Scientists and companies. Our investment in people ensures great success in the delivery of unfaltering innovative solutions with efficiency and without compromise. Levyne Daniel was built with strong roots in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science. As a company, we have permanently endeavoured to expand our capabilities in order to best serve our clientele on a commercial front and also consumer. Our company will continue to provide solutions for today, tomorrow and beyond the foreseeable future, applying our collective dexterity to tackle problems on all scales. 





Levyne Daniel is never afraid to be first, walk the roads untravelled or explore the eventuality of "what if?". We want to cause a shift of mentality from "because that's how stuff is" to how do we make it better. Constantly asking 'Why' and 'how' is the driving force behind our solutions and that is universal in all that we do.


Our surgical approach to all touchpoint of our company ensure we never miss. It's embedded in our simplistic designs, intricate technologies and can be seen anywhere from our invoices to final products. If a gram can be saved we intend to save it and if we have to add, we will spend time optimising our approach to ensure the best performance of our systems.


It takes a few to go fast but it takes more to go far. We collaborate with companies and individuals in order to develop projects which are at the cutting edge. We invest in relationships because it always benefits both parties to go together. We share insights, resources and we both end up better off.


The first step in maintaining any successful relationship is trust and we consider it paramount for us across all aspects of the company. In honouring this, it is the soul reason behind the longevity of our partnerships, collaborations and retention across all internal areas too. 


Our diverse and inclusive nature allows us to explore a range of perspectives enabling us to operate with broad insight. We work collectively as a team with a single vision with zero discrimination, unlocking the potential of everyones experiences moving forward as one.



Kirk Daniel O'Rourke Founded the company in 2015 during the conclusion of his academic study of Business and Economics. It was later registered in the UK before he began making investments surrounding technologies. Like many Investors, Mr O'Rourke is an analyst first, so he prides himself on his ability to make calculated decisions and yield substantial returns. He focuses on investment in technology, as it is a field he is well versed in, believing it is wise to keep a balance between innovating and sticking with proven strategies. In building this company from a small 8x6 foot shed with no electrical or water supply, his parsimonious disposition is one of his greatest assets. He stated, "When you build a company from nothing, with no safety nets, there is no room for error, you must be extremely resourceful and certainty is the most powerful component in your sandbox". His early decision-making process underpins his development strategy enabling him to make better evaluations, faster and even more calculated than before. Kirk's understanding of Engineering systems and Technology led to the formation of C12 Carbon (Levyne Daniel's predecessor). This was heavily successful in its own right, utilising a solution from the Motorsport industry which he further developed to provide a bespoke service to the elite through material science. He amassed a network of Celebrities, HNWI and Overseas clientele, manufacturing aesthetic composite parts for supercars. Today, Levyne Daniel has Kirk O'Rourke's full attention as he intends to apply his unique investment and development strategy for the engineering field to improve the world we live in today.


"Technology keeps us growing and its only up from here, read Moore's Law". 

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