The Levyne Daniel Group.

Our innovation in enterprise, coupled with our experience in developing ground-breaking technical solutions, position our affiliate and subsidiary companies to compete as industry leaders.



We invest in ingenuity because although innovation leads to economic growth, our true passion lies in pushing technical boundaries. Our work is critical to ensuring the world we live in tomorrow is everything we dreamed of today.







Levyne Daniel is never afraid to be first, walk the roads untravelled or explore the eventuality of "what if?". We want to cause a shift of mentality from "because that's how stuff is" to "how do we make it better". Constantly asking 'Why' and 'how' is the driving force behind our solutions and that is universal in all that we do.


Our diverse and inclusive nature allows us to explore a range of perspectives enabling us to operate with broad insight. We work collectively as a team with a single vision, zero discrimination and unlocked potential so we can share experiences moving forward as one.


We have a surgical approach to everything in our company, it's embedded in our simplistic design, intricate technologies, efficient processes and can be seen anywhere from our invoices to events.


The first step in maintaining any successful relationship is trust, which is paramount for us across all aspects of the company. In honouring this, it is a huge factor which contributes to the longevity of our partnerships, collaborations, employee and client retention too. 


It takes a few to go fast but it takes more to go far. We collaborate in order to develop projects and enterprises which are at the cutting edge. Our investment in relationships breeds mutual benefits from shared insights, to resources, access and intelligence.