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Levyne Daniel coming 2021 will be an independent Research company, cultivating, incubating and investing in new technologies. We will be exploring a huge range of opportunities particularly within the fields of Automotive, Aviation, and Sustainability. We have a number of exciting industry partners building towards some interesting synergies already and this is just the start.

Tomorrow is exciting. Levyne Daniel 2021.



The wind beneath our wings.

We will be focusing on enhancing Aeronautics/Aerospace systems but most importantly, the new technologies in Unmanned flight Capabilities, UAV avionics and even manned flight in light industrial sense. As the engineering behind more compact flight components and propulsion is still a newer technology, companies are still yet to reach their full potential. We feel we can make a real impact here as aeronautics is applicable across many sectors of the world from agriculture to search and rescue.

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Lighter. Stronger. Faster. Better.

We are on the cusp of EV and Hybrid Technology becoming a norm in the industry but it is still an early technology and we will be working with real time solutions at the start of its development. The industry is at a fairly early stage of development of the internal combustion engine which has been used since 1870’s.

There are certain intrinsic values about the EFI engines which suggests huge room for improvement of the technology if we are to reach a more sustainable future. We will be focusing on projects to improve and enhance performance vehicles in the EFI, Hybrid and EV space.

Manufacturers are fighting to be the best in order to stay ahead, whether they are looking to have the fastest top speed, be the most luxurious, be the most economical, have the longest range or have the lowest emissions. Whilst they balance this with normal business activities and moving with the times, very little actually goes into development of the industry as a whole. To solely focus on the solutions to these problems presents an entirely different business and an accelerated rate of development to which can then be made available to OEM manufacturers.



For a better tomorrow.

Sustainability, Individual Systems & Special Projects: This remains a critical part of the development of our world and can refer to many fields, Medical, Agriculture, space exploration, you name it. This is more abstract and based on technological principles where components from the above sectors may be re-purposed and developed to serve as a pillar for change in an area. The technology designed and prototyped in house can be used for special projects and solve problems with innovative solutions, large and small.

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